Ethictionary – A Responsible Social Site

Ethictionary Example Screens
Ethictionary Example Screens

ETHICTIONARY is an informative social site that makes choosing sustainable clothing much easier. It provides relevant information about different materials used in clothing, and suggests better alternatives in a simple and approachable way.

The interactive online prototype was coded using HTML & CSS, as well as JavaScript and jQuery.

Ethictionary Splash Screen

Ethictionary – Prototype Video  on Vimeo.

Designed to educate a target user base about responsible consumerism, Ethictionary provides an easy way to search for sustainable clothing.

It can be hard to find sustainable versions of the clothes you need without spending hours in Google — especially on a student budget. These sustainable versions exist, but they’re not easily accessible to the public.

I wanted to create something that allows sharing information about products that are of  good quality, last long and are ethnically and ecologically sourced — and easy to use even for people who don’t really think about sustainability in their everyday choices.

Driven by this, I collected extensive desk research, user research and interviews.

Research report:

Research Report Screen

Wireframe prototypes:

Early Iterations of Ethictionary:
Ethictionary Early Iterations
Ethictionary in use
Final desktop application layout

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