Garbage… In Space. Heaps of it. Space garbage is everywhere around you and you just were hoping for a leisurely journey. Push through endless fields of varying space junk in this exhilarating game created as a part of the Global Game Jam 2020 on the theme “Repair”.

Move forward and gain distance with the arrow keys, monitor your ship damage, and do consider recycling some of the stuff around you in a repair-blueprint mini game – otherwise your ship may well fail.


Tuma Heinonen,
Kasper Kiiskinen,
Ville-Veikko Pasanen,
Virpi Väinölä

In this game I focused on game design, visual assets, UI, animation, and graphic design. I also created the Game Over and Start scenes in Unity.

Sprites and animations I did for the ship collecting debris, the repair phase and the destruction of the ship.

Visual assets, UI and graphic design I did for the game
Background design: I layered each star cluster separately, allowing them to move dynamically as the ship goes through space.

Published by Virpi Väinölä