Immortal – A short film


A 6-minute fictional short film

Immortal is a fantasy short film in which I worked as the creative director and art director, supervising the concept art, scenography, visual effects, hair and make up
and costume departments.

The film is directed by Tim Brückmann and produced by Adam Streicher,
both of which I worked closely with to ensure a cohesive narrative within the world.

In an opulent world people’s every wish is fulfilled, people live in apathy and deprived of meaning.
The Protagonist is a rebel who feels the need to change the course of society.

The film was shot mostly with IC-VFX virtual production techniques at (HALOSTAGE) in Studio Babelsberg, Germany.

This film is still in post-production in 2023.

Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Time of production: 2022-2023

Published by Virpi Väinölä