Mochabot Organic – Mobile Game

In Mochabot Organic you take the role of a robotic barista and tend to the curious customers of your isometric establishment. Tend to your plants, harvest coffee beans, carefully prepare drinks, receive great reviews, and listen to the occasional gossip.

Currently available for Android and Windows. This game was created as a part of the #4 Pocket Jam Helsinki between 01-02. October 2019. Licensed under Creative Commons SA-NC-4.0.

Download and play the game on


  • Mochabot Organic won the 1st place in the Pocket Games Connects Helsinki 2019 Game Jam (Pocket Jam 4#)
  • Mochabot Organic won the “Barista Bot Award” honours in the Finnish Game Jam Awards 2019.


  • Henri Sarasvirta, – code
  • Christina Lassheikki, – game design, concept, environment & character art, animation
  • Virpi Väinölä, – game design, UI & graphic design, character & prop art, dialogue, animation
  • Leo Krechmer, – sound & music
  • Tuma Heinonen, – game design and visuals, character art, dialogue, mini game visuals

A gallery of screenshots from the game:

In the concept the barista slowly starts to recognize regular customers who eventually start to reveal new stories when the right coffee is being served to them. The game is hyper-casual and designed to be played a few minutes at a time on shot occasions, such as when waiting for a bus.

Mochabot Organic Played on Mobile
Mochabot Organic Icon

The character sprites for animations I created for Mochabot Organic:

Plant assets I created with Adobe Illustrator

UI design: The End of the Day Report is displayed to the player after each game cycle.

Examples of game writing for Mochabot Organic

Published by Virpi Väinölä