Experience Prototyping – Speaking Doors

Experience Prototyping – Pressure project

How do you prototype something that does not even exist yet?

In this short and fun pressure project the goal was not to create a full product, but to focus on a specific interaction with a futuristic appliance and how that experience could be prototyped. The concept had to include a door and a speech interaction.

Thus the group project resulted in a playful idea of a fridge that would recognise its contents and the best before-dates of the products. The speech-controlled fridge speaks back to the user, and gives a note when something should be used soon. It also recommends recipes based on the food currently available. In this futuristic scenario the door is merely a projection – making prototyping the experience more fun and challenging.

I approached this by creating two alternative storyboards for different scenarios and different target audiences:

Fridge Design Research-2
Fridge Design Research-3

UI Cool

The fridge’s projection door is see-through and its colourful UI gives a visual clue that shows where the products are.

In order to prototype the transparent, immaterial door that would still act as a canvas for a projection, we considered different approaches from fog screen and virtual/augmented reality to using fishing line as a base for the projection.

The speech interaction was prototyped using the Wizard of Oz technique; we pre-recorded lines that were then added to a Proto.io prototype. The audio was then played to the user during an interactive scenario.

Alternative prototyping methods:

Fridge Design Research-8
Alternative prototyping approach
Fridge Design Research-9
Alternative prototyping approach
Fridge Design Research-10
Fridge Design Research-1

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