Marmortal is a single player first person shooter with platforming elements to challenge player movement. The game is currently in development at Aalto University. My key roles for this project are: Creative direction Game Design UX & UI Design 2D art Narrative


Remember how it felt to get lost as a child?  Gone Mom game explores the daunting experience of trying to find mom from a maze of a supermarket aisles.  Everything looks so big and unfamiliar. Is mom lost forever? Navigate, pick items along the way – and find mom. This game was done as a part of Global GameContinue reading “GONE MOM – JAM GAME”


WORDS LEFT UNSAID DEVELOPMENT PROCESS – JUMP TO FOLLOWING: OVERVIEW User Research Narrative Puzzle Design The User Interface Design Illustrations Iterations Words Left Unsaid is a noir mystery game about a detective, an author, and a haunted hotel. They say the sensational crime-fiction author Sandra Axton has murdered a young criminal —  Jay Rayner. You,Continue reading “WORDS LEFT UNSAID”


Unfortuna is an original remake of the classic tabletop game Fortuna (aka Bagatelle), made in 6 weeks at Aalto University Game Design and Production MA course. Published in, the game is available for Windows, Mac and it’s also playable in browser: Credits: Virpi VäinöläArt direction, 2D assets, animation, VFX, UI & graphic design maguProgrammingContinue reading “UNFORTUNA”

Character Concept Art & Sketches

CONCEPT ART These character concepts are designed for a long, custom written Dungeons and Dragons – tabletop game. All illustrations are made using Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. “Rätinä Routarailo”, 2019 own design “Lasite Tuhatjalka”, 2019own design “Iika Rusko”, 2019, own design “Tulikettu”, 2019, own design SKETCHES Various creature designs I have sketched.