Embark on a mission to retrieve a foul wish!Use your trusted bow against the marble gargoyles, and parkour your way up a celestial tower. Marmortal is a single player first person shooter with platforming elements to challenge player movement. The game was developed in Aalto University. Fhaesir’s Pride is a 3D movement shooter game withContinue reading “Marmortal: FHAESIR’S PRIDE”


WORDS LEFT UNSAID DEVELOPMENT PROCESS – JUMP TO FOLLOWING: OVERVIEW User Research Narrative Puzzle Design The User Interface Design Illustrations Iterations Words Left Unsaid is a noir mystery game about a detective, an author, and a haunted hotel. They say the sensational crime-fiction author Sandra Axton has murdered a young criminal —  Jay Rayner. You,Continue reading “WORDS LEFT UNSAID”


IN-STORE GAME PORTAL The In-Store Game Portal helps game retailers to showcase their current stock, and allows the customer to easily find out a game’s premise. When a game case is scanned at the Portal, the user interface immediately displays the game’s trailer and other relevant information. Additionally, the user can also browse the secondContinue reading “IN-STORE GAME PORTAL”