The beginning of the honours year


I’m excited to get back to work once again after a refreshing summer in Finland. The time has passed really quickly after moving to the UK, and it’s strange to think that this is the fourth year already. Although I’m not sure what exactly I want to focus on after the university, I have strong desire to create digital products and for this project I’d like to do something that focuses more on the visual user interfaces without forgetting the intuitive interactions.

The best way for me to start creating ideas is by talking to people – in this case a friend who shares the same passion for drawing and arts as I do. Drawing and painting is a dear hobby to me and thus creating a digital project around it provides an interesting and an enjoyable challenge.
The area of illustration and drawing provides many design opportunities, but in order for me to find out the more refined needs for design products and services I will delve into research right away.

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