Marmortal is a single player first person shooter with platforming elements to challenge player movement. The game is currently in development at Aalto University. My key roles for this project are: Creative direction Game Design UX & UI Design 2D art Narrative


IN-STORE GAME PORTAL The In-Store Game Portal helps game retailers to showcase their current stock, and allows the customer to easily find out a game’s premise. When a game case is scanned at the Portal, the user interface immediately displays the game’s trailer and other relevant information. Additionally, the user can also browse the secondContinue reading “IN-STORE GAME PORTAL”

Ethictionary – A Responsible Social Site

ETHICTIONARY is an informative social site that makes choosing sustainable clothing much easier. It provides relevant information about different materials used in clothing, and suggests better alternatives in a simple and approachable way. The interactive online prototype was coded using HTML & CSS, as well as JavaScript and jQuery. Ethictionary – Prototype Video  on Vimeo. DesignedContinue reading “Ethictionary – A Responsible Social Site”