LUOVA – An app for artists



Luova helps self-directed art hobbyists tackle a lack of ideas and the fear of starting a piece. As a drawing companion app, it aims to inspire and get people drawing while encouraging a positive growth-mentality. It helps artists to avoid external pressure and insecurity by promoting appreciation for one’s own work, time efficiency and increased engagement with the act of drawing itself. Luova adapts to the artists’ individual needs with varying prompts, aids them in recognising their artistic achievements and personal improvement, as well as makes it easier to start a drawing process.

Luova was designed to use the interactive capabilities of the mobile platform to provide the user a fun and engaging experience.

Luova was exhibited at:

New Designers Expo 2019, Business Design Centre, London, England
Degree Show 2019, University of Dundee, Scotland

Design guidelines for Luova:

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Luova research:

Luova first iterations:

Initial visual development:

Mark 1 Interactive prototype for user testing:

Further development:

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