Feedback on the wireframe prototype

After Christmas I revisited the wireframe prototype that maps out the core structure and features of the application. I asked some target users general feedback on the overall flow of the application. People liked the structure through a prompt path: as one interviewee described “it’s like a train, you can continue if you want but you can also leave at any stop”. They also enjoyed the snappy exercise structure. The community aspect was surprisingly popular, as many people liked how it allows them to get a chance to others’ WIP work. Improvement suggestions were focused on how the curriculum feels rigid and reminds too much of to-do lists, and that the current tone of voice of the prototype is too cold and it could be friendlier.

Some features that needed clarification were:

  • Shedule: In order to suggest relevant prompts, the application needs to collect data on how much time the user has and if there is time they could spend drawing but are not necessarily aware of it, which is the case for a lot of people with full time jobs.
  • Background questions during the setup: In order to determine the comfort zone of the user, the application needs to know what subjects the user usually draws and what media they are comfortable with, along with the user’s goals and what they would like to draw more. Ideally the app would have a built-in system that measures how much time the user spends drawing different techniques and mediums, and would determine the time required for different prompts based on that.
  • The user testers mentioned that it’s a bit difficult to give feedback without content at the moment, so next I will focus on the user journey of going through a prompt path (for example, relax or challenge) and get the flow of that right before focusing on other features that support the core structure. Some changes I already have in mind are asking the user to write feedback in between different prompt stages instead of at the very end of each path, as this would re-direct the artist’s thoughts to the positive qualities in their work in every stage instead of just the finished piece. I’m also thinking about changing the colours based on how far in the prompt the user is.

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