VIDEO: Application setup and notifications

  • Login / register: The username is also the user’s artist name, displayed to other users in the community.
  • Background questions: The purpose of these questions is to find out what media the user has available, what they are familiar with and what subjects the user usually draws. This determines their comfort zone for the application, helping Luova to choose “relax” prompt suggestions based on what the user is comfortable drawing. Additionally, the application asks the user about their goals: what media the user would like to familiarise themselves with, and what subjects they would like to draw more. The app adjusts the prompts according to these desires, especially during the “challenge” and “practise”-prompts, introducing the user to unfamiliar techniques they are interested in.
  • Schedule: As the goal of the application was to help hobbyist artists to engage with drawing more frequently, Luova asks the user to input suitable times for drawing according to the user’s own schedule. The schedule can be later accessed from the application’s home page via the calendar icon. As hobbyists with other full-time careers often have very limited time for drawing, providing scheduled notifications for them to remind them of possible drawing slots is useful and helps with the lack of time. The user can also sync their schedule with other applications, such as Google or Apple calendar.

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