VIDEO: Tagging and feedback

  I found out in my research that when people can see their own personal improvement and accomplishments, it makes them feel more confident and helps them to overcome their insecurities. One goal of my app was to shift the user’s mindset towards more positive and growth-oriented thinking, and thus along with own progress timeline,Continue reading “VIDEO: Tagging and feedback”

VIDEO: Drawing process and supporting materials

  Recording one’s work at different stages: Each prompt path is split into smaller stages, making it easier for the user to take one step at the time. For example, a full colour watercolour image with line art is split into three stages: sketching, line art and colouring. Luova provides customised support for each ofContinue reading “VIDEO: Drawing process and supporting materials”

Video: Prompt paths, media and time

Time: During each prompt the user can choose how much time they have available at the moment, thus allowing the application to find a suitable prompt that fits the timeframe the user has available. Ideally the application would collect data on how long the users approximately spend drawing different prompts, thus maintaining a database usedContinue reading “Video: Prompt paths, media and time”

VIDEO: Application setup and notifications

Login / register: The username is also the user’s artist name, displayed to other users in the community. Background questions: The purpose of these questions is to find out what media the user has available, what they are familiar with and what subjects the user usually draws. This determines their comfort zone for the application,Continue reading “VIDEO: Application setup and notifications”