Own progress timeline is one of the features that encourages the user to shift their mindset to more positive and helps them to recognise their own strengths and accomplishments. Whenever the user has drawn something, it is saved to the user’s own progress timeline along with the process gif, tags and comments the user has added. If the user has shared the work in the community side, it also includes other people’s tags and comments. This own progress timeline visualises the user’s improvement and drawings over time, and includes even the small sketches that many would otherwise forget, reminding the user of their small accomplishments, which is useful especially for people with otherwise busy schedules. The own progress timeline can be filtered based on time: “recent”, “month “or “year”, which changes the view of the display. It can also be filtered based on prompt types, such as showing only “daily prompts” or pieces drawn in the “relax” prompt path. Additionally, the user can also filter them based on image tags – for example, if the user chooses “image tags” and then “atmosphere”, the gallery view changes to show artwork that have the most “atmosphere” tags on them. This allows the user to see what their work excels in.

WIPS: If the user wants to quit during a prompt path after a stage, they have an option to quit permanently or continue the same path later. If they choose the latter, their work will be saved as an WIP (work in progress), to a separate WIP gallery. From this gallery the user can continue an existing piece and its prompt path. During research many people mentioned that they have difficulties deciding which WIP to continue. Therefore the WIP page also includes a feature that rolls a random WIP image for the user to continue.

Published by Virpi Väinölä


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