I have been further defining the problems of the target group: The target group is defined by need for speed. They need to focus on drawing itself and simplify any supporting actions. Detest looking up stuff online because it takes so much time when having little experience or vocabulary to guide in searching. Don’t getContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH AN EXTRACURRICULAR ART TEACHER”

Sketch user journey maps

The reason I’m leaning towards creating a mobile application is that based on the research, people use their mobile phones for searching inspiration or reference materials, as when drawing traditionally there is often no space for a laptop or it’s too risky with having paints around, and when drawing digitally people want to use theContinue reading “Sketch user journey maps”

The Experience of Drawing

Based on last week’s interviews, I created a graph visualising the current experience of drawing process for amateur artists. Finding time is a big problem – and even though there might be small windows of time that would give the person an opportunity to draw, they don’t necessarily realise that they could use the timeContinue reading “The Experience of Drawing”

Initial research

To continue my research on the area of drawing and illustration, I conducted an extensive online survey as many amateur artists mostly communicate and showcase their work online. The survey focused on the platforms and communities that hobbyists and professional artists use to inspire, create and promote their work. Some key insights I identified fromContinue reading “Initial research”