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Journey Sketches

The reason I’m leaning towards creating a mobile application is that based on the research, people use their mobile phones for searching inspiration or reference materials, as when drawing traditionally there is often no space for a laptop or it’s too risky with having paints around, and when drawing digitally people want to use the whole screen estate for the drawing.

As I want the service to work as a standalone application, I’ve been sketching possible user journeys through the core parts of the application. The key parts at the moment seem to be identifying how much time the user has for drawing, and what kind of prompt would be suitable for them.

A sketch example of a user journey through one part of the application:

User Map Sketch

I also created a graph to visualise the concept of a ”comfort zone” which is one of the key factors that the ”curriculum” is based on. Comfort zone consists of what drawing media and techniques the user is comfortable using and use the most, as well as what subjects they usually draw.

Näyttökuva 2018-11-08 kello 20.37.16
Concept of the “comfort zone”

The closer to comfort zone people are when drawing, the better their mood and confidence is. The harder and less used to the subject or technique they are, the more their mood drops and they feel more insecure because the mind shifts to negative thinking towards ”I don’t know how to draw, I can’t do this”.

Without help it’s difficult to overcome this, but when the practise is supported, usually by art educators but in this case by my application, it’s easier to overcome the negative feelings when learning new things.

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