A storyboard I drew to visualise the context for the application.

In the storyboard the application reminds the user of the opportunity to draw. The reminder is based on the schedule the user has determined herself within the application. First she gets a sketching prompt, after which she continues into the painting stage, where the app provides a tutorial because she’s unfamiliar with the medium. When she’s finished the app congratulates her on her drawing streak, she takes a photo of the work and saves it on her personal timeline.

To further define the idea and role of the visual user interface in the app, I have been looking into existing applications such as Headspace. Headspace provides narrated meditation guides, and it has similar functionality in terms of tracking the user activity and making the user commit to the app. The interface is calm to support the idea of mediation.

I aim to combine similar sense of calmness into something more creative and colourful. To help the user to shift their thinking into more positive, it is also important to pay attention to the way the application visually displays the user’s achievements.

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