So far I have been collecting feedback on the prototype, but also looking for a suitable prototyping tool for the final demonstration. The previous versions I have created using Adobe XD, but XD doesn’t quite have the interactive features the app would need, and thus I have been searching for something with higher fidelity.

Annotation 2019-04-07 143629.jpg

I have made multiple online comparisons, and top two that would provide both the interactivity and animations I require would be and a newer ProtoPie. In the end I preferred ProtoPie due to its high fidelity, use of variables and pay once method instead of a subscription. I have been exploring and learning to use the new tool, the animations it provides and its trigger-response method that is based on variables, and I have been happy with the results.

To make the application make use of the opportunities a mobile platform provides, I came up with a “tagging” method that lets people visually document what they like in their own work. Instead of writing, the user can hold their finger on a photo to visually tag the areas of the artwork they like, and then choose a suitable “tag” title for it. For example – if the user is happy with how a character’s facial expression tuned out, the user can visually mark the facial area in the artwork, and then choose “expression” as the tag.

An example demonstrating how the visual tagging would look like

The user would tag their work after each drawing stage and at the end of each prompt path. The tags would be recorded on the user’s own timeline, where the user can browse their previous work and see what they enjoyed and liked at each drawing, thus maintaining a positive memory of the drawings. Next I will create a prototype to test out the tagging interaction.

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