This is my Mark 2 prototype that includes a complete prompt path and demonstration of the community and own progress timeline. It also has interactive tagging and commenting features. When the user browses their own art either through their own progress timeline or through the community side, they can toggle a view between their own tags, and the tags and comments other people have added to the work. However, I will probably merge those two into one cluster of tags that will be colour coded depending on if the tag is created by the artist or by someone else commenting, as this would make the application to run smoother.

Instead of tagging only at the end of each prompt path, the user can add tags and comments in between each drawing stage. This will promote appreciation for the process stages and not just for the finished pieces, and guides the user to think positively of each stage.

I also included a small feature for WIP (work-in-progress) images. If the user wants to quit the prompt path in the middle, yet still continue the same drawing next time, the drawing will be saved as an work-in-progress image. The user can browse their WIP gallery and choose an image to continue. Luova will then provide the remaining prompt path. A detail the interviewed people mentioned was that they have difficulties deciding which WIPs to continue, and jokingly said they need to roll a dice to decide for them. Thus I added an option to click a button that randomly rolls a WIP for the user to continue if they have difficulties in making the desicion.

In the supporting materials, when the user opens a reference image page, they see a gallery of relevant images to the prompt that are to provide inspiration and reference. The user can also tap them open as larger images to view the details.

These are some iterations of the visual design of the screens:

Annotation 2019-03-30 133707.jpg
Annotation 2019-03-30 140719.jpg
Annotation 2019-04-06 162646

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