I created a more refined wireframe prototype that maps out the full application so far. The initial design, placement of the UI elements and visuality will see a lot of iteration, but this version of the interactive prototype enables testing the core features as well as the overall structure. Next I will include some exampleContinue reading “SECOND WIREFRAME PROTOTYPE”


A storyboard I drew to visualise the context for the application. In the storyboard the application reminds the user of the opportunity to draw. The reminder is based on the schedule the user has determined herself within the application. First she gets a sketching prompt, after which she continues into the painting stage, where the app provides a tutorialContinue reading “STORYBOARD”

Project Goals and Inspiration

I’ve been defining my project goals – the aim of this application is not to teach people how to draw, but to get people to draw and engage with the drawing practise regularly, and to shift people’s thinking and attitude towards their own work. Because the amateur artist’s mind is stuck on negative thinking patterns,Continue reading “Project Goals and Inspiration”

Sketch user journey maps

The reason I’m leaning towards creating a mobile application is that based on the research, people use their mobile phones for searching inspiration or reference materials, as when drawing traditionally there is often no space for a laptop or it’s too risky with having paints around, and when drawing digitally people want to use theContinue reading “Sketch user journey maps”

The Experience of Drawing

Based on last week’s interviews, I created a graph visualising the current experience of drawing process for amateur artists. Finding time is a big problem – and even though there might be small windows of time that would give the person an opportunity to draw, they don’t necessarily realise that they could use the timeContinue reading “The Experience of Drawing”