This week I have been focusing on learning ProtoPie as a tool and prototyping different interactions as well as testing the limits of the tool. I have created a working tagging interaction – getting the variables right took a while, but I’m happy with the results. Due to time it takes to assemble the interaction,Continue reading “LEARNING THE PROTOTYPING TOOL”


So far I have been collecting feedback on the prototype, but also looking for a suitable prototyping tool for the final demonstration. The previous versions I have created using Adobe XD, but XD doesn’t quite have the interactive features the app would need, and thus I have been searching for something with higher fidelity. IContinue reading “NEW FEATURES AND A PROTOTYPING TOOL”


I have been inspired a lot by the contemporary user interfaces and graphic design with bright colours, bold fonts, gradients and either angular or flowing lines. I have started developing the visual side, taking into account the results from the cultural boards, in which most people preferred flat colours over lots of lines, and aContinue reading “COLOUR PALETTE AND LAYOUT”

Content creation

In order to create content that demonstrates the reference and inspiration images in the application’s supportive materials, I’ve been sourcing images with creative commons licenses to use within the app. I will create the tutorial material and technique demonstrations myself to avoid copyright issues with existing tutorials, while I will still base them on existingContinue reading “Content creation”


I have been further defining the problems of the target group: The target group is defined by need for speed. They need to focus on drawing itself and simplify any supporting actions. Detest looking up stuff online because it takes so much time when having little experience or vocabulary to guide in searching. Don’t getContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH AN EXTRACURRICULAR ART TEACHER”

Feedback on the wireframe prototype

After Christmas I revisited the wireframe prototype that maps out the core structure and features of the application. I asked some target users general feedback on the overall flow of the application. People liked the structure through a prompt path: as one interviewee described “it’s like a train, you can continue if you want butContinue reading “Feedback on the wireframe prototype”